Garage Shelving Egg Harbour

When you’ve lived in the same house for a while, it’s easy to accumulate a lot of storage. From wrapping paper rolls to 10-year-old golf clubs, there are items that you just can’t throw out because you’ll need them. If you’re looking for the perfect solution for all of your storage, look no further than the best garage shelving Egg Harbour can offer. We have access to the strongest garage shelves on the market and we are more than willing to install them for you. You’ll find that with these shelves, you can store as much as 1000 lbs every 4 feet. You’ll be utilizing that garage wall space and clearing up the floor.

garage shelving egg harbour

Free Estimate
After you give us a call, we will schedule a time to come to your home and give you a free estimate. In the garage shown above, the customer needed to be able to stack multiple bins on top of each other for the best utilization of space. As a result, we measured and installed the shelves the appropriate distance from the ceiling, still allowing for items to be hung from the racks below. We take your preferences and desires into account, giving you the best garage shelving Egg Harbour offers.

Lifetime Warranty
One of the best things about the shelving we offer is the lifetime warranty. These shelves are built to last, and we promise that you won’t be disappointed with how strong they are. By placing this warranty on our product, we take the risk out of your hands and ensure that your investment is worth it. If you’re still on the fence about the garage shelving in Egg Harbour, then check out our gallery page with ideas you can use for your own space.

Garage Flooring Medford

We all know what it’s like to have a cement floor that cracks and looks unsightly in the garage. While there are countless DIY kits that you can buy to fill in those cracks, it’s hard to find the time and motivation to do it. That’s why we excitedly offer you the best garage flooring Medford can offer. If you’ve looked into garage flooring, then you’ve probably become somewhat educated on epoxy flooring. Ours in particular is the most durable of versions, not only because of the materials it’s composed of, but because of our process.

Expert Installation:
We’re professionally trained to provide you with the most durable garage flooring in Medford. That means we’re equipped with a three step process that is sure to make your garage floor last. First, we will buff and grind away any inconsistencies on your cement floor. This makes the garage floor adhesive for the coating.

Long Lasting:
Unlike other DIY kits, our epoxy flooring is built to last. You won’t need to worry about any deteriorating, peeling, or cracking. Our flooring is the highest of quality, ensuring the fact that it’ll last you decades. If you’re worried about the color fading, know that our epoxy is UV resistant and your color will last.

Cherry On Top:
While garage shelves will create space for your garage, garage flooring in Medford will professionally finish off the space. It’s the perfect finish for your garage storage system. As you can see in the garage below, the customer had cabinets in place to fashionably keep their storage away. We then went in and installed the epoxy, leaving the space look put together, seamless, and modern. It truly was the perfect finish to an organized garage. I wouldn’t be surprised if the customer kept their garage doors open to show off their new space!

garage flooring medford

Garage Shelving Cape May

Smaller garages deserve a seriously, thought-out storage system, and it all starts out with a plan. If you’re looking for the best garage shelving Cape May can offer, I think you’ll be pleased with this installation.

Every garage is different, and according to this one featured below, we had to get creative. Smaller garages require thinking outside the box, especially if you have a lot of storage…and a vehicle. In order to obtain the garage shelving Cape May residents rave about, you’ll have to give us a call and we’ll step in a give you a free estimate.

In this particular job, we were able to install 2 rows of Monkey Bars garage shelving (the strongest on the market), and a few racks to fill in the blank space. Not only did the upper shelving allow for long-term storage to hide away on top, but it allows the customer to hang their bicycles and get them out of the way.

garage shelving cape may garage shelving cape may

The lower set of Monkey Bars were perfect for the space. They almost act like a counter top and make it easy to access storage. It makes it even easier for the kids to access their things as well. We loved the windows in the garage, as they allow for natural sunlight to come in and help you see what you’re doing. This finished garage is the perfect example of customizing a garage. The shelving resulted in a space unlike anything else and we were thrilled with the outcome.

If you’re looking for customized garage storage in Cape May, you’ve come to the right place. Garage Concepts of New Jersey will get you set up with a free estimate and get you started on tackling that garage.

Garage Flooring Cape May

Have you or anyone you know been asking about garage flooring, in particular, epoxy flooring? We had a customer come to us and ask about the garage flooring Cape May homeowners have been raving about. With a 4 car detached garage and loft above, we found this to be the perfect space to install some epoxy flooring. It instantly brightened up the space and made it look more professional and put together.

garage flooring cape may

When installing garage flooring in Cape May, we try and make sure that we get the job done as fast as possible with making it look as professional as possible. The process is important and we don’t cut corners. If you have ever considered painting the garage floor with a DIY kit, we assure you, it will NOT turn out like this. The process includes diamond head grinding, which is the only preparation that will let the paint and epoxy chips adhere correctly. If you call us today, we can help you get the perfect garage flooring Cape May can offer.

We love when our customers are so thrilled with the outcome that the come back for more. While garage flooring in Cape May was a great place to start for this homeowner, their garage storage solution still isn’t complete. Imagine how great the garage above would look with some garage shelving or some garage cabinets. This would make it the most utilized and space efficient garage on the block. Good thing the customer just called for some garage cabinets!

We make sure to give you the best products that you’ll be coming back for more. Call us today to get a free estimate and start organizing your garage. What better time to do it than right now and meet your New Years Resolutions?


Garage Flooring Egg Harbour: Perfect Finish

With all the oil spills, muddy weather, and dust tracked in, garage floors can get pretty nasty. If your garage looks something like this, you’ve got two options. You can live with the mess and unprofessional look of the space, OR you can invest in some epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring is a perfect way to finish off your garage and keep it looking great. Garage flooring in Egg Harbour isn’t hard to attain when you’ve got Garage Concepts on your side.

If you’re looking for the perfect garage flooring Egg Harbour can offer, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. We recently completed a job with a beautiful dolphin colored epoxy floor that completely brightened up the space. The homeowner no longer has to deal with huge cracks in the concrete or massive oil stains. Not only were they thrilled with the outcome, but the homeowners realized what a great investment they just made. Did you know that installing a garage floor can increase the value of your home? If you ever need to sell, you can rest assured that your newly improved garage will be an exceptional selling point in the process.

garage flooring egg harbour

As you can see in the photo above, getting an epoxy floor installed will instantly improve the look of your garage. Don’t neglect this room in your house. Every time you come home and open the garage door, your whole neighborhood has access to seeing what’s inside. Think of how impressed they’ll be when they catch a glimpse of the best garage flooring Egg Harbour has. They’ll be running over and asking you who did it for you. When it comes to garage organization, just let them know that Garage Concepts of New Jersey has all of the answers!

Garage Flooring Cherry Hill Residents Love

Garage Flooring Cherry Hill

I’ve met a handful of people who have insanely nice cars, sports cars in particular. These owners, usually men, are very particular about these vehicles. Their behavior would be the complete opposite of most moms and their minivans. After a normal week, you’ll see receipts, cheerios, and spilled milk smashed into the seats: an absolute gall to sports car owners.

You can almost guarantee that the car will always be in pristine condition. It will always be squeaky clean and serviced regularly. If car owners like this will put all this time and effort into their vehicle, wouldn’t it be fitting to have a space just as pristine to park it? One of the easiest ways to update that space is to install garage flooring in Cherry Hill. It immediately updates and cleans up the space, all the while creating a beautiful showing of that vehicle.

Immediately Enhancing

Imagine a oil stained and cracked garage floor. Now picture that seamless garage flooring Cherry Hill residents love. It’s a no brainer which one will put your sports car in the best light.

Garage Flooring Cherry Hill

We installed some garage flooring in Cherry Hill. The Ferrari owner was more than pleased to have a gorgeous space to show off his prized possession. Look how smooth and professional the floor looks now. Not only does this type of flooring protect from oil spills and stains, but it will last so much longer than your typical garage flooring Cherry Hill homeowners have been living with.

Perfect Gift Idea!

If you have a loved one that’s a car enthusiast, then a new garage floor is the perfect route to go. They will love how great their car looks parked in an updated space such as this. It will immediately enhance the look of the car, and may even up its value to observers!

Garage Cabinets Ocean City: Pearly White!

Customize Away

One of the best things about garage cabinets Ocean City can offer is the fact that you can choose which colors you want. Some people prefer the solid wood look. Others like the modern gray colors. Then, there’s always a classic white cabinet that you can choose. Whatever your taste, we have the ability to meet your needs!

Unique and Organized

This last job was fun because the garage walls were painted a happy, sky blue. I have to say this was a first for us. We were able to install those garage cabinets Ocean City homeowners are asking about. The white doors complimented the the walls and made for a cohesive, organized look. It’s always fulfilling when the homeowner has their own style and we’re able to accommodate and even add to it. And the best part is that it never stops at how great it looks. It’s completely functional and makes life insanely easier!

Garage Cabinets Ocean City

Hello Floor!

Notice how lovely that garage floor looks. It complements the pearly white cabinets and isn’t overbearing. Like we mentioned above, it doesn’t stop at the look of the floor! These homeowners no longer have to worry about oil spills, cracked concrete, or any other headaches that come with an old garage floor. See how great it looks with the garage cabinets Ocean City families love? Rest assured, our sky blue customers are more than pleased with what we performed!

Hang Your Storage

The most efficient way to open up space is getting everything off the floor and onto the walls. You’ll need strong shelving and garage cabinets in Ocean City to do that job. We hung a tool bar to hang those lawn chairs which opened up a lot of space. They no longer have to worry about stacking those chairs up against the wall and wasting good floor space.


Garage Storage Cape May: Stop Waiting!

Easy and Effortless

One of the easiest ways to update your garage, all the while making it a lot more organized/clean/beautiful, is to install some cabinets. This is only one of the countless options for the garage storage Cape May needs. Cabinets instantly hide any clutter you have that doesn’t really have a designated area to stay. Drawers make it convenient to store nails, bolts, and other loose objects that need a home. But don’t just stop at the functionality of our cabinets; we make it a point to design our cabinets in a stylish, modern, and updated way. Our garage storage in Cape May will instantly update your garage and make your life that much more organized.

We did an installation a bit ago where the homeowners wanted lovely, sleek cabinets and a brand new garage floor. Check it out below:

Garage Storage Cape May

Icing on the Cake

Our garage storage Cape May families are requesting include a line of products, but in particular, we offer garage flooring. Just consider it the seamless finish to your garage storage needs. What would make a person a perfect candidate for a brand new, epoxy garage floor? Check out the list below to see if you need one!

  • You have large cracks in your garage floor and want them repaired. We will sand and repair those and then install the garage floor.
  • You want to showcase your new vehicle in an updated space.
  • You are tired of those ugly oil spills staining the concrete in your garage.
  • You just want your garage to look nice!

You really have little to wait for. When you give us a call, we can accommodate your garage storage needs, just as we did in the photo above. Homeowners are always more than pleased with their new garage storage in Cape May. We’re more than willing to help!

Harmonizing Your Garage With Your Home

Options to Harmonize Your Garage and Home

The inside of our homes tend to get the most attention while the garage often gets the least amount of our time and efforts. But the garage can be as nice as any other part of the home. Often the garage is the center point when leaving or returning from life’s adventures. Harmonizing your garage sets the stage for the rest of your home.

Upgrading to a more organized garage starts with what items you store there.

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