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Prime Garage Storage in Stafford Township

With all of the options out there, it might be hard to find the perfect garage storage Stafford Township can offer. There are a variety of free standing shelves, DIY flooring kits, and cardboard-like cabinets, but you don’t want any of those. That’s why we offer the most durable products on the market and make sure what we have is the strongest available!

A Perfect Solution

Initially, you’re going to need a proper storage plan. This is something that we can come to your home and do for you, free of charge. If you don’t like the plan we’ve laid out then you don’t have to feel obligated to buy, but we assure you you’ll want to. We customize your system and give you the best garage storage in Stafford Township.

  • Industrial Strength: Both our shelving and flooring systems are known and accredited for it’s strength. They are industrial strong and could even be great for a warehouse.
  • Customize: When you want to switch out your hooks and bars, it’s easy to do so with our customize-able system. Additionally, you can customize your garage to fit your style and ever-changing needs.
  • Maintainable: Monkey Bar Shelving comes with a lifetime guarantee, which takes out the risk when buying initially. With the system in place, it’s easy to maintain your clean garage because everything thing has an assigned spot.

Cherry Hill Garage Storage Options:

  • Garage Shelving: Get everything off the floor with our shelving system. Our shelves are made of steel and incredibly strong. You’ll never need to worry about your shelves falling down.
  • Garage Cabinets: Our cabinets are custom, built in, and will fit your garage storage needs.
  • Overhead Garage Storage: Overhead racks are a viable solution for seasonal and long-term storage.
  • Garage Flooring: This flooring will make any space look fantastic, adding to why we have the best garage storage in Stafford Township.

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garage storage stafford township

The Monkey Bar Storage Process

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Installation: Installation only takes 1-2 days.

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by on March 9, 2015